Some Schedule Updates

1. Please make sure you are aware of the change to the California Trip return/arrival time. Students should return to school and be released for pickup at 12:30am Monday (10/12) morning (Sunday night).

2. Here is a link to the performance schedule for the California show. Hamilton plays at 5:57pm. If you are trekking out to watch your student, make sure you stick around and see the later bands. A few of the bands near the end are among the very best in the country. And, the RCC Riverside City College band always puts on an amazing show.

3. Here is a link (PDF) to the most current performance schedule for ASU Band Day on 10/17. This is subject to change, but the most recent schedule has Hamilton performing at 1:45pm. The Sun Devil Marching Band performs at 6:30pm, and Awards are at 6:45. The specific schedule for our kids, from call time to dismissal, will be available soon…

AzPAS Festival!

Screen shot 2015-09-29 at 5.59.23 PM
On Saturday, 9/26, the percussion section traveled to Cesar Chavez High School in Laveen to perform at the Arizona Percussive Arts Society Fall Day of Percussion. They were adjudicated by several judges, who evaluated different areas of technical accuracy, musicianship, presentation, and general effect. They looked great, and played extremely well. At the awards ceremony, they were among the 5 schools who received an Excellent rating, the highest ratings given in their division!

(sorry about the thumb)

Screen shot 2015-09-29 at 6.21.00 PM
Later in the day, Alex Poole performed a solo for a judge in┬áthe ‘Solo and Ensemble’ portion of the event, and also received an Excellent rating.

Congratulations to our Marching Husky percussionists for representing Hamilton so well!

Saturday Rehearsal

Don’t forget the full band rehearsal this Saturday, 9/19! 9am – 4:30pm.

Students will need to get lunch on their own, between noon and 1:30.

Sorry that it was just added to THIS calendar; somehow I missed it when adding events. But it’s been on the band calendar since the summer orientation, and has been in Karen’s Sunday Music Booster emails for a few weeks (those Sunday emails are the BEST source for info. They have a ton of the most up-to-date info. Please take 2 minutes to read the whole thing! This Saturday rehearsal was not on my radar until last night. I should’ve read Karen’s email more closely a few weeks ago!).
– jason

Props Coming Along

The stage props are getting closer to reality!

The backdrop frames are finished, and they connect to the rolling platforms.

The fabric backdrops got finished Thursday night.


On Saturday 9/12, a painting crew worked on the platforms (from black streets to beige boardwalks) and the fabric facades (storefronts, faux windows, and surface textures). Pictures coming soon!

Equipment Trailer Improvements

Over the last few months, the trailer has had some major upgrades.

The brakes were completely re-worked.

LED strip lighting was added to the inside and out. It casts workable light for 10-20 feet around the trailer, and lights the inside very brightly for convenience and safety inside and out.



The rough wood floor and ramp surface were sanded, sealed, and coated in a rubberized ‘bed-liner’ material for durability and no-slip safety in loading.

Privacy curtains were added to the windows, for when the trailer needs to be a changing room.



A new ramp is being built for the side door, which will make loading even more efficient and safe.

Still on the plan is to strip the old, faded stickers, and get some sort of new exterior decoration. Painting or ‘wrapping,’ which may include promotional consideration for significant donors.

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