Chandler Parade of Lights

3:30pm — Call time for Marching Huskies at Hamilton
3:45pm — Load Bus
4:00pm — Depart Hamilton for Parade
4:30pm — Arrive and Unload at Location (Library Parking lot Delaware and Boston)
4:30pm — Staging and Set-up
5:15pm — Judging Begins
7:00pm — Parade Begins
7:45pm — Load Buses
8:00pm — Depart for Hamilton
8:20pm — Unload
8:30pm — Estimated Dismissal

— Have your cameras ready because this event will be the last one where our Marching Huskies will wear their uniforms with pride and represent Hamilton HS.

They will also need a strand of lights to wear to march in the Parade!!! Please do not spend more than $10.00 for battery operated lights for your student. One strand of lights, any color, will do. There are several places you can get battery operated strands of lights… Wal-mart, Michael’s, Hobby Lobby, even Albertson’s (right in the front by the door). The bulbs on the strands range from 10 lights to 36 lights. Take your pick. And don’t forget the batteries (we suggest getting the strands of lights that require AA batteries instead of the D battery).

–If you have any further questions regarding light requirements, please contact Booster Secretary Sarah Best,

AZMBA Performance Schedule

(Spoiler: We are on at 7pm)

The performance schedule for the whole day is here. (PDF opens in a new window)

NOTE: this is at Mesquite High School, a change from previous information.

2:30pm — CALL TIME (eat lunch before arriving)
2:45pm — visual rehearsal
3:45pm — load bus
4:00pm — leave Hamilton
4:20pm — arrive at Mesquite HS
4:30pm — unload truck/change into uniform
5:30pm — Visual
6:00pm — Warm Up – A
6:50pm — gate time
7:00pm — Performance
(bring $$ for food at concession stand)
9:30pm — Retreat Full Band in Uniform
10:10pm — load buses in Uniform
10:30pm — arrive at Hamilton/change/unload
11:00pm — estimated dismissal

FYI: a sharp eye might notice that the Divisions are different in the AzMBA schedule than they have been before under ABODA events. So, if you’re curious: AzMBA breaks their divisions at different thresholds, and names them differently. Where ABODA’s largest groups, above 90 members (I think), are referred to as “Division I,” AZMBA calls the largest bands, above 105 total members, “Class 4A” or “Class AAAA.” Similarly, our 83-member Hamilton band is in ABODA “Div II” (60-90 members), but in AzMBA “Class AAA” (75-104 members).

From their rules and guidelines:
1. Class 4A (AAAA) – 105 or more members
2. Class 3A (AAA) – 75-104 members
3. Class 2A (AA) – 50-74 members
4. Class 1A (A) – 49 or fewer members

Their full contest rules and guidelines are available here.

ABODA State Championships

Congratulations to our Huskies on qualifying for “Super State!”

Student schedule overview:

9:00am — loading crew
9:30am — CALL TIME
1:45pm — Performance
6:00pm — Arrive at Hamilton/Unload
6:30pm — possible/optional live stream viewing of top 5 Division I, plus Division II & III winners
9:15pm — viewing party over/pick-up

Full schedule details available here

The full Performance Schedule is here.

ABODA State Festival Schedule

First Draft of the schedule for all bands, all Divs (may be suject to change):

See the PDF link here (opens in a new window).

The short story: Hamilton is slated to perform at 5:30pm, and awards are at 8:15pm.

For those of you that are new to this, the top 10 scoring bands in each division at this Festival are invited to perform at the ABODA State Marching Championship the following week. This performance schedule order is theoretically determined by previous competition scores, which puts Hamilton at the 9th seed in Division 2. The band needs to focus hard and dig deep this week to stay in the top 10!

Competitons Update

With good showings at ASU Band Day, and the Goldwater Invitational, we are heading straight into our next competition at the Verrado High School “Viper Thunder Classic.”

Check out the students’ schedule here

The short story is this:
10:30am Call Time
2:15pm Performance at Verrado HS
6:00pm Estimated Dismissal

NOTE: we were originally told that this would be an early show, not all day. So, if you have family plans for Halloween this evening, and wish to check your student out from the Verrado show site after their performance and load-up, please make sure you make proper arrangements and communications with Mr. Holley. Verrado is way out West, so if you arrange a car-pool, know that Mr. Holley needs something in writing to release your student to another parent. I am not clear on the full details of this, so inquire early and often!

The full performance schedule was revised recently, and I can’t find a reliable reference for it (the schedule that is available from ABODA shows us performing at 9:30am), but I will try to post one up here as soon as I see one.

Goldwater Invitational Performance Schedule

Here’s the published schedule for the day’s performances.

The logistics schedule for Hamilton will probably go out Sunday night.

This is a new release, and like these things always are, may be subject to change:





Payson High School

Jose Martinez


3:30 PM

Kingman High School

Michael Schreiber


3:45 PM

Winslow High School

Tyler Allen


4:00 PM

Chaparral High School

Jennifer Mireau


4:15 PM

Skyline High School

Jennifer Howard


4:30 PM

Carl Hayden Community High School

Erica Shultz


4:45 PM

BREAK (30 minutes)

5:00 PM

Chandler High School

Harout Boyajian & Steve Quintana


5:30 PM

Hamilton High School

Christopher Holley


5:45 PM

Prescott High School

Dan Bradstreet


6:00 PM

Westwood High School

Aaron Vogel


6:15 PM

Mesa High School

Robert Brooks & Jeff Quamo


6:30 PM

Deer Valley High School

Dave Kuhns & Jesse Mitchell


6:45 PM

Barry Goldwater High School

Renee Young-Esparza & Beth Hermanson


7:00 PM

BREAK (30 minutes)

7:15 PM

Desert Mountain High School

Michelle Irvin


7:45 PM

Dobson High School

Jon Gomez, Rob Lubbers, Joe Goglia


8:00 PM

Boulder Creek High School

James O’Halloran


8:15 PM

Sandra Day O’Connor High School

Melanie Britton


8:30 PM

Mountain View High School (Mesa)

Scott Burgener & Adam Risch


8:45 PM

Mountain Ridge High School

George Hattendorf & Michael Warner


9:00 PM


9:15 PM


9:30 PM

ASU Band Day Streaming Online

If you can’t make it to ASU Saturday, or you want to share with family out of town:

Not much detail here, but I found this link:

listing ASU Band Day as a live stream cast.

I watched a webcast of ASU 2 years ago and it was a fairly good quality stream. I don’t have any more details on this, but if I learn more I will post it here.

The performance schedule, and the Hamilton logistics schedule are available here.

First Competition!

Our kids have completed their first competition performance of “The Outlaw!”

Receiving a 64.0, they ranked 5th place in a tough field. The highest score in the division was only 69.75, so they really were ‘in the hunt,’ with some good numbers for this early part of the season.

Later in the evening, they got to watch some of the best bands in California, in the AAAAA Division. This whole trip is such a great opportunity to perform, learn, grow, and enjoy! (especially the Disneyland part)

ASU Band Day Schedules – REVISED!!

This is a revised update – the schedule changed on 10/10.

Here is the schedule for the Hamilton Band:

10:30am — Loading Crew Arrive – Load the Truck.
10:45am — Call Time (eat breakfast before arriving- Arrive with a full water bottle and sunscreen on)
11:00am — Visual Rehearsal at Hamilton Stadium
11:45am — Depart Hamilton
12:30pm — Arrive/ Unload/ Change into Half-Uniform at ASU
1:00pm — Visual Basics
1:30pm — Warm Up
2:00pm — Gate Time
2:15pm — Performance
2:30pm — Load Truck/ Change in Travel Uniform/ $ Lunch at Concessions (please bring money for Lunch)
6:30pm — ASU Band performs
6:45pm — Awards
7:15pm — Depart ASU
8:00pm — Arrive Hamilton/ Unload
8:15pm — Estimated Dismissal

Here is a link to the full performance schedule, as of 10/10.

Supporting Instrumental Music at Hamilton High School