Post-season Props ‘Props’

The end of the season was a whirlwind of busy-ness, so here is a much-overdue thanks to the volunteers who helped Kim and I build and paint the fire props.

Ken Bardwell built the custom cart that holds and transports all the props in one efficient package.

Ian O’Neil, Karen Treadway, Brent Treadway, D.A. Best, Sarah Best, Steve Hart, Gayle Jensen, and a few others (sorry if I missed anyone – some of the build/paint sessions were hectic) helped out at many different stages. We also got help from student Mel C. Thanks so much to the team!

The whole build went like this: sand front-surfaces, cut shapes, mount hinges, paint primer (both sides, 2 coats), paint flat-black (both sides, 2 coats), chalk fire designs and ‘bowl’ graphics (Kim rocked this), paint all fire colors, paint faux-texture on bowls, mount straps for bass drums, apply felt spacers to prevent paint sticking, touchup paint damage from sticking faces.

The props looked great, were easy to set and strike on the field, easy to transport in the truck, and easy to move around on show days.


(yes we do have marching snares and tenor drums hanging in our garage – that’s how we roll)




More California Trip Details

On October 15th, our band will travel to California to compete in the Ayala Music in Motion show, in Chino Hills.

The detailed itinerary is a downloadable Word DOCX here.

A packing list is also a downloadable Word DOC here.

The general schedule is this:

EARLY Saturday morning (3-4am-ish) departure
Noon-ish performance in AAA division
Evening watch AAAAA division bands
Hotel stay

Sunday Morning Knott’s Berry Farm
Sunday Afternoon depart for home
Late evening arrival / dismissal

The current performance schedule is up, and some more info about the event is available here:

These schedules are subject to change, so check the link often.

An overview:

Hamilton performs at or about 12:57PM, in a block of 8 bands that starts around 12:30. In California, we compete in a “AAA” division.

Ruben Ayala High School
14255 Peyton Drive
Chino Hills, CA 91709

If you plan to make the trip, it’ll be great to see our Marching Huskies play in the nice California weather. Also, you should stay for the evening blocks! Some of the best high school bands in the country are gathered at this show. Mission Viejo, Upland, Chino Hills, Arcadia, Ayala, and more, have competed successfully at the National level. Several WGI World Champion drumlines and color guards have come out of those schools too.

More info about the trip:

Truck Drivers (3 dads)
DA Best
Kevin Knaus
Anthony Bozicevic

Parent Chaperones (5 moms)
Kim Finder
Dinah Fry
Amoy Peret-Sebastian
Christy Smith
Stacy Tracy

Parent Chaperones (4 dads)
Scott Fink
Robert Goldsobel
Stephen Hart
Steve Valego

Embassy Suites by Hilton
Brea CA-North Orange County
900 East Birch Street
Brea, CA 92821
(714) 990-6000

Amusement Park
Knottā€™s Berry Farm

UPDATED 10/21: Mountain View Invitational Info

A first-draft schedule is out for the Mtn View Invitational on 10/29:

We are scheduled to perform at 2:00 (UPDATED 10/21), and Awards are at 4:45 (UPDATED TOO). Hopefully this helps you schedule the rest of your weekend, BUT KEEP IN MIND: these schedules CAN change.

You can see updated schedules for most ABODA events here.

Hopefully you all noticed the major change to the schedule in Ms. Trent’s email on Monday morning (9/26).

Due to some recent personnel issues and uncertainties at NAU, our band has decided to NOT go to NAU on October 29th. Instead, the band will be staying in the East Valley, and performing at the Mountain View Invitational. Details will be available in a few weeks, but this is a huge change.

It is likely that some families were planning on making a ‘mountain weekend’ out of the trip, so spread the word!

Tentative Schedule for Gilbert Invitational

Here’s a first-draft performance schedule for the Gilbert Invitational on Saturday, Oct 1.

NOTE: these schedules can change often, so you can check for an updated schedule here:

That link also has the schedule for the 2nd half of the day, if you are curious about any other bands’ performance times.

2:15 PM – Safford
2:30 PM – Verrado
2:45 PM – Red Mountain
3:00 PM – Coronado
3:15 PM – Hamilton

3:30 PM – BREAK

3:45 PM – Sunrise Mtn
4:00 PM – Nogales
4:15 PM – BREAK

4:45 PM – AWARDS

Percussion Performing at AzPAS Saturday

The percussion section will kick off the show season this Saturday, Sept 24th, with a performance at the Arizona Percussive Arts Society Fall Festival. The festival will be at Carl Hayden High School. Throughout the day, full percussion sections will perform in the football stadium, while solos and small ensembles perform in the auditorium (Probably. Sometimes this part is in the gym).

Hamilton Percussion will perform some excerpts from the competition show for a panel of judges, and then receive a brief clinic with one of the judges. Neelay and Alex will perform a snare solo and a tenor solo, and then all the students will attend a clinic by Bill Bachman, one of the most respected marching percussion instructors in the country.

A current schedule:

7:30am – students’ call time – load the truck
8:00am – depart HHS
10:00am – performance in stadium
11:06am – Neelay solo
11:12am – Alex solo
12:00pm – clinic
1:00pm – awards
2:30pm – expected dismissal

Supporting Instrumental Music at Hamilton High School