You can subscribe to this calendar in your own calendar tools! (see below)

If you use Google Calendar on any device, there is a link at the bottom-right corner of the band Calendar above that will let you add this Band Calendar to your Google Calendar.

On a MacOS Desktop/Laptop (it is not super intuitive, but I hope this helps):

1. In Apple ‘Calendar’ application, go to ‘File’ menu, and select ‘New Calendar Subscription…’

2. In the URL field, paste this for Marching Band calendar events:

3. The new calendar should appear in the left sidebar with your other calendars. If you don’t have any calendars showing in a left sidebar, click on the ‘Calendars’ button at the left of the top bar. Actual events may take a while to sync into your local calendar (up to 12 hours?)

4. If you use iCloud to share calendars with your family, you can share this just like any other calendar. We set this up so both parents and kids all see the separate calendars for band, travel, school, sports, private lessons, etc. I was reluctant to buy into iCloud, but it is really helpful (but a pain in the neck to set up – see below).

Disclaimer: as much as I am an Apple guy (29 years of Macs), I am frustrated by the way they radically change their core life-management tools periodically. If you have a newer or older Mac, you may need to figure this out by yourself. But, at least I found the feed url…

If you are on Windows, Android, iPhone iOS, or Outlook for Mac, I have not set this up on those, so I don’t want to pretend that I know how. In some way, you should be able to Subscribe to the ‘ics’ URL above. If anyone has done it, or does it, feel free to email me an instruction list, so I can add it to this page!

If any of this doesn’t work, please let me know and I will try to correct it…

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