Equipment Trailer Improvements

Over the last few months, the trailer has had some major upgrades.

The brakes were completely re-worked.

LED strip lighting was added to the inside and out. It casts workable light for 10-20 feet around the trailer, and lights the inside very brightly for convenience and safety inside and out.



The rough wood floor and ramp surface were sanded, sealed, and coated in a rubberized ‘bed-liner’ material for durability and no-slip safety in loading.

Privacy curtains were added to the windows, for when the trailer needs to be a changing room.



A new ramp is being built for the side door, which will make loading even more efficient and safe.

Still on the plan is to strip the old, faded stickers, and get some sort of new exterior decoration. Painting or ‘wrapping,’ which may include promotional consideration for significant donors.